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RahQuel Star Achiaviatta

 Breathwork & Gamma Specialist, M.A., HHC, Dancer, DJ/ Producer

Gamma Reiki ™ Master Teacher 

Planetary Consciousness & Community Evolution through 

Energy Of Breath, Gamma, Music, and Dance!

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Meet RahQuel

RahQuel is a worldwide teacher and facilitator of her signature Gamma Breathwork Practitioner ™  Training, Gamma Reiki ™ Training, and Gamma Ecstatic Dance Journey ™.

She DJs her sets and attuning music productions at global festivals, Burning Man and regional burning man events, mass meditation symposiums, private and corporate large scale gatherings, initiations at sacred sites, and much more. She also organizes festivals and performs dances onstage and brings dance troupes together to perform awakening dance activations. RahQuel is an energy and breath medicine woman, bringing people through spiritual vision quests via pineal gamma activations,  multidimensional cleanses, various types of breathwork, energy healing, trauma release and addictions clearing, manifestation work and conscious movement. A community catalyzer, RahQuel guides each individual to connect and land deeply within to then commune together, elevating consciousness around the globe. 



Awakening the soul

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David MacDonald

Having engaged with many breathwork modalities over 40 years, I was excited to engage Gamma in January 2019.

Many breathing techniques are ancient, being utilized throughout history to access expanded states of consciousness; to vitalize the physical, balance the emotional, stabilize the psychological, and align with Flow.

Gamma is profound. It is a simple, predictable, access technology to reach a point of non-thinking. At that point, awareness expands, awareness of consciousness expands; no longer perceiving the self/world in words, descriptions, historical perspectives.

I utilize Gamma at the beginning of Rolfing sessions, throughout my day, and night!

RahQuel is a master facilitator. If you have the chance, take a training. It is a priceless gift to yourself, and easy to gift to family, friends and clients in any context.

Jordan Mulheisen

A few months back I signed up for a Gamma Breath Workshop and had no idea what to expect. By the end of the first day I was completely taken back by how intricate this system is.

It can literally be applied to any field and create so much benefit in collaboration.

It gave me additional tools that I can apply to my everyday life. For instance if my body hurts there is a breath for that. If I’m feeling pretty emotional, there’s a breath for that. It is endless, the  sequence of breathing techniques through Gamma breathing that will allow you more freedom in your day-to-day life.

I use Gamma breathing almost every single day to fuel up before a big morning or cool down at the end of the night. I used to get social anxiety through empathizing with everyone’s energy all at once and now I use Gamma breathing to process that energy in real time so that I can be present for my friends and family which has been a Priceless tool in itself.

I highly encourage everyone to at least experience Gamma breath to give themselves the tools to emotional freedom and to supplement any tools already in practice.

Amalia Maria Lee

RahQuel Star Achiaviatta lives up to her name. She has the elevated, ethereal qualities of a knowing, other worldly being. Equal to her psychic connection to people and spirit is her intellect and years of experience as a therapist. Her past work ranges from traditional mental health, to the processing and breathing techniques of Osho, varied forms of dance and movement therapy and for the past 15 yrs, in her fullest expression, as a Gamma Breath teacher and healer. 

The combination of intellect and intuition she has developed over the years is so apparent in every piece of sage wisdom and understanding she imparts.  And perhaps most apparent in her carefully chosen moments of silence and space. 

Everyone she touches seems to know that what she possesses is something special. People from all walks of life resonate with her and this method tremendously. As a client first, and then a student, I know I could not have received a more valuable process from a more enlightened being.

Past Events

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