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All Sessions &  Trainings


All sessions are virtual and vary in length depending on the session.  Session series and mixed packages are available.

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Love Activation for Couples

We all long for a true intimate, passionate, clearly communicative, mutually supportive, passionate, true, happy and aligned connection with our true love partner!

Resolve triggers of the present and from the past in your relationship, and upgrade into a higher ground common place in which to meet and truly see yourselves and each other. When processing with Gamma, new synergy and higher ground heartfelt connection amplifies.

Experience a beautiful process for manifesting your goals together and growing together. 

If you are transitioning your relationship to a different status, find mutual ground through Gamma.

Gamma opens up the compassionate and neutral accessibility to all perspectives.

Solutions come from higher order perspectives that are uniquely accessed in the Gamma state. If there are dynamics that aren’t working for you, these get solved by upgrading your perspectives about yourself and each other, and about how you interact.

You can jointly and individually activate any reality you want to co-create– from the beginnings of restoring a mutual ground to beautiful tantric experiencing and sharing as a daily baseline state.

Connection with yourself and another Is Beautiful!


Heart Healing & Opening

We  ARE Love.

Our hearts carry powerful intelligence.

When we let our hearts guide the way for our lives, we are in a state of alignment and coherence. This may sound strange when living in a world of walls and protections, of conditioning to be logical and of societal imprints. Yet once we become silent and look inward, our hearts hold the truth and the answers to our questions. 

Gamma Breathwork is a potent way to look deeply into our hearts and see what we need to feel and heal so that we can open up our hearts to our higher wisdom and aligned, purposeful action. When we grow into a life of self-compassion and a way of living that is loving, we become free. The Heart Gamma sessions will support you in deeply healing and opening your heart to all abundance, healthy boundaries and higher good in life.

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Meditation Coaching

Meditation is everyone’s birthright, and the key to personal healing, growth, and heightened awareness. There are infinite ways to meditate, and here are several ways that we offer:

– All of OSHO’s Silent and Active Meditations
– Guided Visualization Meditations
– Vipassana Meditations
– Guided Gamma Breath Meditation Journeys
– Laughter Meditations

Active Meditations involve the practice of bioenergetic exercises, breath sequences, cathartic expression and release, dance, and silence to evolve and access deep meditative and healing states. OSHO’s Active Meditations include Dynamic, Kundalini, Chakra Breathing, Chakra Sounds, Nadabrahma, No Dimensions, Mandala, Laughter Meditation, Mystic Rose, to name a few.

You will learn how to practice a choice of these meditations on your own, and get  that a meditative state can be easy to access! You will even learn effective meditations as short as 3 minutes, and how to meditate all day long – the ultimate space to be in.

Custom tailored guided meditations can also be created for your unique needs.
Many of OSHO’s discourses are also offered, as well as customized audio recordings of meditations to suit you and your group’s needs.


Money Activation Session

Every time I deepen my heart-love connection and expand this vibration into the present moment, all kinds of richness shows up in my life, in any area I desire to focus my Gamma breath. 


Accessing your Gamma state is your birthright and it is a very powerful way to exponentially elevate your processing power to generate high-level results in your life.

 When you are vibrating at the Gamma frequency in your brain, you are putting out vibrations to actualize in your 3-D reality a more abundant state. You can now efficiently channel information from your higher self to embody them.

In this activation you will learn simple Gamma Breath sequences that you can use any time to continue to potentiate and boost your ability to manifest almost instantaneously your most aligned situations and ways of being.

In this case you will quickly manifest income coming from unexpected sources by opening up your Gamma frequency state and harvesting information from past experiences where you experienced financial abundance. 

In turn you will develop more new neural pathways for this to become your new and more steady mindset. Get ready for a breakthrough; this is the only activation of its kind available for money. It is cutting edge and rapidly effective!

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Gamma Manifestation Activation and Alchemy

Welcome to Heaven 24-7!

We are all creating our lives, our reality. The brilliance comes in when we manifest and create from our highest, most present, authentic self.

Gamma is a way to clear the programming, the patterns, the stories, and everything that isn’t authentically us, so that we can channel who we really are.

In our Gamma state we are accessing a high frequency vibration in which we can feel and visualize our heart’s desire, and consequently attract it to materialize into our reality.


In Gamma Manifestation & Alchemy Activations we access and amplify our best feeling states, and positive memories act like a goldmine full of fuel to be directed into the creation of our most esteemed life, as new neural pathways are generated with this frequency.

Bringing a group together for Gamma Manifestation creates a massive upgrade in collective consciousness as well.

Through this process we also access the concerns and patterns that have been in the way of actualizing the lives we love, and process these into Gamma, thus freeing up this energy and alchemizing it into a perfect Gamma manifestation and creation.

What is also wonderful about our Gamma consciousness is that it coincides with the beautiful opening of our hearts in a profound way, leading to a deep self love and love as a way of Being.

As you rewrite the script of your life, watch your highest most aligned dreams unfold into reality.

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Soul's Purpose and Legacy Activation

What makes your heart sing?
What do you really want to be doing?
What is your purpose here on earth and what are you here to create and share?


It takes operating at a sustained higher energy state to generate and materialize your legacy.

Soul Purpose and Legacy Gamma Breathwork Activations involve the conversion of stored memory in your brain in order to access the Gamma state so that you can use this high power energy to fuel your dreams into reality. You will activate your desires, visions, and the energy from experiences that can nourish the development of your purpose and passion, which trains your brain and your reality to upgrade and show you your path and actions steps for materialization.

The new information and guided action steps that will emerge in your awareness by entering this higher energy consciousness state lead to their physical manifestation by upgrading your energy levels and brain processing power for you to show up in a continually evolving and new way.

You need not know yet what direction you desire to head in at the onset, and your Gamma state will begin to inform you. If you are already on your chosen path, your Gamma state will inform you what next upgrading action steps to take.
Your communication skills, interactions, intuition, creative skills, and groundedness will improve, and all the right divinely orchestrated meetings and people will show up to support you on your path.

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Extended Clarity Session

In this session you will experience a combination of Gamma Breathwork, coaching, channeling, manifestation activation, and energy healing to create a tune-up and transformation in your life. You can access deep healing and clearing of karmic experiences, ancestral clearing and realignment to complete lineage templates and patterns while calling in and opening up to your heart’s calling. You will connect with your higher guidance and become an increasingly clear conduit for your highest good, healthy boundaries, self-care, and aligned harmonious action. This 2.5 hour session is a potent repatterning and elevating experience that will bring you forward into a whole new aligned chapter in your life.

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House and Business Clearing

Tune in to the energy of every area of your house or business building and surrounding land in order to create an energetic clearing and rebalancing of the space. This unique approach created by RahQuel involves processing and clearing of collective memory in each area, plus guiding you on how to implement cleansing and purifying techniques. At the same time RahQuel will implement energetic purification practices in person or remotely. You will also be taught how to continue these practices regularly with intention in order to continue harmonizing your place. This leads to positive results in all areas of your life. As you cultivate a pure home, this is also a reflection of your inner sanctity and balance. RahQuel is known for transforming homes and business buildings into high vibe, peaceful and balanced spaces, as well as supporting people to do the same within and in their surrounding reality.

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Gamma Reiki ™ Sessions and Level 1, 2, 3 / Reiki Master Trainings

Are you ready for an upgrade in how you feel?

Do you know that you can tap into a higher energy source to support you in your emotional balancing, physical healing and wellbeing, and harmonization in any area of your life?

Reiki also works for accelerated healing of injury and dis-ease


RahQuel combines Gamma with Reiki for a healing energy practice that is gentle and relaxing, yet profound. It is appropriate for everyone drawn to it. It is conducive to personal awareness growth as well as for gentle comforting support while experiencing accelerated releasing of non-serving patterns and accumulated stress, as well as rapid healing of physical injury or dis-ease. Scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of Reiki in the acceleration of physical and emotional healing.

Gamma Reiki ™ brings forth clarity and heightened intuition in the area of your life on which you wish to focus the sessions. You will be receiving energy transmissions that raise the vibration of all of your molecules in order to create alchemical personal growth and transformation.


RahQuel brings over thirty years of experience as a Reiki practitioner and twenty years as a Reiki Master Teacher. Study and become certified in all Levels of Reiki with her. 


Gamma Yoga

RahQuel has created a new synergy for our modern day intelligent body activation.

Welcome to Gamma Yoga!

Here you will generate Gamma Energy throughout your entire body as you experience an intuitively guided yoga asana and stretch flow. You will be led to feel your body at increasingly new levels of depth– this occurs by following gamma breath sequences as they are paired with asanas.

This is the fountain of youth!


Breathing into Gamma combined with yoga and movement will accelerate your light body activation and exponential amount of strength, health, and power in your body, all aspects of it–your glands. Muscles, organs, fascia, brain, metabolism, endocrine and respiratory system, and moods will all get an upgrading workout.
This leads to aligned and intentional lifestyle shifts, a more fulfilling relationship with yourself and others, happiness, and positive reality shifts.

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Holistic Nutrition and Fitness 

You will learn to deeply understand your unique biochemistry, lifestyle, personal needs and preferences, health condition, and health concerns  with RahQuel to create your synergistic holistic nutrition system that will bring your unique goals into fruition.

You will grow to be in complete alignment of body,emotion, energy, mind, and spirit so that you can thrive by nourishing yourself in just the right way. By combining supernutrients, personalized cleanses, and performance nutrition, with the activation of a Gamma state body and brain, you will find yourself becoming more youthful, vibrant, and radiant every day.

You will access and implement the program that supports your life goals to upgrade into higher vibrational states and into your desired full-spectrum life. With this type of coaching it is possible to release medication, toxic habits and foods, illness, injury, addictions, emotional triggers, and any substances that create limitations.

You will discuss with RahQuel your specific wellness goals and put them  into action.

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Rapid Trauma and Addiction Clearing

Why suffer?
It is your birthright to feel vibrant, at ease, and full-spectrum alive.
You can heal from traumas, stress in the past, and from addiction rapidly with this cutting edge new synthesis of healing modalities uniquely created by RahQuel.

RahQuel is a specialist in trauma and addictions clearing, having designed and created the somatic therapies programs for the executive division of Ocean Drive at Caron Renaissance and Headwaters at The Hanley Center, both world renown addictions treatment and recovery centers. She combines Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing model with Gamma Breathwork, Gamma Energy and Bodywork techniques, Gamma Reiki ™  Energy and Aumakhua Ki Healing techniques, holistic nutrition, and heart-centered and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy to support you in healing and recovering so that you can step fully into consciously creating your new fulfilling life.

This uniquely designed approach creates a rapid and holistic recovery for all participants. Each session leads to concrete changes in your brain functioning and pattern clearing, reprogramming into life-affirming choice-making, release of stress charge from your nervous system, and radically improved mental, emotional, and physical health. Most participants reduce or eliminate the use of prescription medicines in the process. You will experience significant shifts in your increased level of wellbeing following each session, while the trauma, addictions, triggers, and patterns that led to your state of suffering are progressively completed and brought to neutral. This way you can live your life from a present, capable, and grounded place within that reflects in your experience of life now and ahead..


GAMMA to Prepare for and to Integrate Shamanic Medicine Journeys

Shamanic Medicine journeys are highly powerful ways of accessing and accelerating connection to multiple planes of consciousness. These journeys also give access to accelerated spiritual, emotional, mental, physical healing and growth.
Being that they can be intense activations, it is important to have a way of preparing for these journeys as well as a way to integrate the experience fully and successfully, so as to benefit from it in life going forward, and to regulate your nervous system to distribute such high level energy harmoniously.

Gamma supports you to prepare for your journey by helping you clear your mind, emotional state, and physical body,  plus hone in on your intentions, while reducing interference or blocks to the journey ahead. Preparing with Gamma also potentiates the fullness of the journey experience and receptivity.
Gamma supports you to bring up all aspects of your journey and amplify their benefits as well as deepen your insight and understanding for your growth. By doing the Gamma Breaths and Gamma Energy processes, you can access further depth and spectrum of your experience, as well as remember full detail. Gamma will assist you in processing all the challenging aspects of your journey as well. Plus, you will now integrate your new awareness into your physical body more thoroughly.  
Often following such heightened experiences there can be a disconnection sensation from the wellbeing it brought, as cleansing and detoxing on all levels is taking place. Also, such high energy experiences create a charge of energy in our brain, yet might not lead to practical life actualization of these consciousness upgrades without further assistance and supportive practices. Gamma changes all of this so as to create that each Medicine is highly nourishing and yields permanent tangible positive life changes.
Having organized and facilitated many Shamanic ceremony retreats combined with Gamma Breathwork,  RahQuel is also available to support you if you are organizing a retreat for Ceremony. 


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