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Accessing your Gamma state is your birthright and it is a very powerful way to exponentially elevate your processing power to generate high-level results in your life.

 When you are vibrating at the gamma frequency in your brain,  you are putting out vibrations to actualize in your 3-D reality a more abundant state. You can now efficiently channel information  from your higher self and realms to embody them.

In this activation you will learn simple Gamma Breath sequences that you can use any time to continue to potentiate and boost your ability to manifest almost instantaneously your most aligned situations and ways of being.

In this case you will quickly manifest income coming from unexpected sources by opening up your Gamma frequency state and harvesting information from past experiences where you experienced financial abundance.  In turn you will develop more new neuropathways for this to become your new and more steady mindset. Get ready for a breakthrough! This is the  only activation of its kind available for money- cutting edge and rapidly effective!

Money Manifestation Audio