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Image by Joel Henry

Meet Rahquel Star

RahQuel Star has over 30 years experience as a Reiki Master Teacher and 22 years experience as a holistic psychotherapist, creator of addictions clearing protocols, and has uniquely designed the somatic programs for the executive divisions of the two top recovery centers in the USA, Ocean Drive at Caron Renaissance and Headwaters at The Hanley Center. With a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Minnesota-Duluth and as a graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she has run a full-time holistic nutrition, counseling, energy healing, and breathwork practice since 2001. She is on the Multiversity Staff at the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, and is regularly invited worldwide to teach and speak at symposiums, corporations, meditation centers, universities, festivals, and more.

She specializes in supporting recovery from trauma and addiction, integration and completion of the past to generate clear energy for a fulfilling present and future, and is especially gifted with the ability to support people in accessing their highest purpose, passion, and heart-centered lifestyle and path. She is sought out for her compassionate and intuitive manner of channeling higher source information and supporting others to do the same, so as to live a life of illumination and clarity in every way. She is a master manifester, teacher, creator, and guide. Also a DJ and music producer, she guides her signature Gamma Ecstatic Dance Journeys™ at events around the world. A former prima ballerina with the Royal Ballet, Chicago-Joffrey Ballet, and Minnesota Ballet, RahQuel performs at festivals and brings together ensembles to create unique dance pieces to inspire consciousness expansion.
Originally co-creating the Biodynamic Breathwork Practitioner Training in 2005 for the former Energy Of Breath Institute, RahQuel then created her signature Gamma Breathwork Practitioner Training™  in 2013 and trains practitioners worldwide in this technique along with her Gamma Reiki Trainings in all levels. She has founded the Global Gamma Council to co-create a worldwide network of Gamma Energy and Consciousness along with her program graduates. 

RahQuel also has recently completed writing her book Gammafy Your Life! - The Guide to Harmonious and Balanced Consciousness Awakening for Our TImes.

Her mission is Gamma Worldwide for Conscious Awakening. 


RahQuel Star - as  DJ / Producer


RahQuel Star, formerly known as DJ Just Honey in the jet set worldwide circuit, has played at massive raves, warehouse parties, big clubs in Ibiza, London, Chile, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Canada, and had numerous residencies in NYC, Chicago, LA, Houston, and Prince’s club in MInneapolis all starting back in 2001. She enjoyed collaborations with famous House DJs and Producers such as Stacy Kidd and Paul Johnson in the Midwest and went on to co-create the record label Five Fathoms Music, producing her successful record “Free With My Life”. RahQuel worked for Satellite Records and Masters At Work, plus collaborated with producers at Subliminal Records. Her roots in House music and techno had her busy with three weekly residencies in New York City at Filter 14, Sapphire Club, and more. 


Her current incarnation in music as RahQuel Star began with a shift towards DJing world music and electronic-inspired sets at gatherings such as Body Temple in NYC in 2003 and her own OSHO Active Meditation, Breath and Dance Journeys. This led to creating the Breathing Dance Troupe and their acclaimed performances of Satori By The River at Atmananda Center in NYC. When she DJs, she now brings forth her synthesis of sacred geometry, Gamma DMT Pineal breathwork and Gamma Energy techniques, Ecstatic Dance, her signature Gamma Reiki ™ energy work transmissions, Shamanic medicine journeys and more. She is known for her signature Gamma Ecstatic Dance Journeys ™ which activate real-time life processing and full spectrum consciousness and Light Body intelligence upgrades, a way for developing higher sensory abilities. She has been commissioned to create dance scores for dance companies such as Kenneth Walker Dance Project, and continuously creates Gamma Meditation Journey Audios (visit our Shop Page), original song productions and peak hour DJ sets (soundcloud link?). She loves DJing at Burning Man and regional Burns,, Envision Festival and other global transformational festivals, at initiations at sacred sites, clubs, warehouse parties, consciousness symposiums, Shamanic retreats, private gatherings, corporate events, family rituals and celebrations, and more. At home in Costa Rica she facilitates Gamma Cacao Ecstatic Dance Journeys at Katuk and her own festivals such as Sacred Garden and Let’s Gather, plus sunset and sunrise sets at beautiful beaches. She also organizes dance parties for raising awareness, vibration, and collective consciousness.

Her smooth and dance-inspiring sets explore World, Shamanic, tribal, drumming, house, burner, melodic, sound healing tones, and acoustic blissful melodies, all expertly curated to create a field of sonic and movement immersion. These musical journeys are accompanied by pineal gland stimulating and heart-opening Gamma breath sequences.  Divine Moments of Truth (DMT) are collectively accessed by participants through the Gamma breaths, sacred geometry-based energy techniques, and dancing. This aural and motion systems journey takes everyone through a portal into full spectrum life upgrades and deep communion, plus through steps towards Light Body activation. RahQuel Star’s dance parties are off the charts high vibe. 

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