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RahQuel Star shares her gifts regularly at festivals and consciousness gatherings worldwide. These gatherings focus on the communion of kindred spirits who are in the process of co-creating and growing sustainable eco-communities globally. We get together to share communal elevation of awareness through music, dance, yoga, meditation, healing workshops, sustainable resource training, live and interactive art, all on beautiful sacred nature sites around the globe.


RahQuel contributes by sharing her Gamma Ecstatic Dance Journeys ™, DJ sets, music productions, and Gamma Breath Activations for generating conscious community. 

Her mass group consciousness activations elevate everyone into the collective Gamma state in which transformation is generated in the direction of Light Body activation and heart-centered collaboration.


RahQuel regularly presents her work at gatherings such as Burning Man, The Love Burn,  Envision Festival, Oregon Eclipse (Symbiosis), Fractal Beach, Kinnection Campout, Zen Awakening, Earthdance, Cuba Encuentro Om Meditacion, OSHO International Meditation Resort, Pune, India, Osho Center Shenzhen, China, Guaria De Osa (now Ocean Forest) Ecolodge Costa Rica, Unifire and Spirit-ILL Miami, Inhale Miami, Mystical Human School, Florida, and many more.


For upcoming festivals RahQuel is presenting at check out our event-calendar ( a link?) 

Contact RahQuel Star to discuss your festival event- the size, vibe, location, and all your desires for it! 

Whatsapp 506 8943 0182




Rahquel Star DJ Events and Musical Performances 


RahQuel Star shares her music sets in support of conscious gatherings, high vibe parties and epic celebrations. She chooses her music carefully to induce a journey of expansion and ecstatic flow and body movement. When she facilitates her unique signature Gamma Ecstatic Dance Journeys ™,  she incorporates pineal gland stimulating Gamma Breath sequences for personal and collective heart opening and awareness activation.
She can be recruited for private events, corporate parties, clubs, underground scene parties, holistic fairs, festivals, meditation symposiums, family rituals and celebrations, electronic music festivals, and the like.


RahQuel Star has been a world renowned circuit DJ since 2000. She DJs at Burning Man, and around the world at Burning Man Regional events, transformational festivals, initiations at sacred sites, clubs, warehouse parties, consciousness symposiums, shamanic retreats, private gatherings, massive corporate events, and more.
She provides smooth rhythms to get down to and journey with. Shamanic, tribal, house, burner, melodic, organic and sonic blissful healing sounds are some of the styles she will explore in her sets.
Her dance parties are off the charts high vibe. Sacred Divine Moments of Truth -DMT- are collectively accessed through sacred geometry-based energy technique, Gamma Breathwork and dancing.

Contact RahQuel Star to discuss your DJ event- the size, vibe, location, and all your desires for it! 

Whatsapp 506 8943 0182




Gamma Ecstatic Dance Journey ™ for Festivals and Events


A unique technique for Heart Opening, LOVE, and Planetary Awakening is born!

RahQuel brings together Sacred Geometry, Pineal and DMT Activation, Gamma Breathing, the best in Dance and Shamanic Music, Shamanic Healing, and Gathering of Conscious Community 


RahQuel Star guides us as we amplify the fun and raise our collective vibe to enter the Gamma state. We activate celebration, feel-good body sensations, connection, heart activation, confidence, and laughter, divinely guided higher consciousness states, new collective vision, and most of all LOVE.

We dance and vibe together to our hearts’ content and into heightened bliss to epic music – electronic, tribal, burner, organic, shamanic. RahQuel Star provides the smooth sonic bliss mixes over state of the art sound systems while holding the context with Gamma DMT Pineal Activating Breaths and Gamma Energy techniques. Sacred Geometry and Visionary Art is projected.

This is transformational journeying for the New Age..

RahQuel Star guides her Gamma Ecstatic Dance Journeys ™ worldwide at transformational festivals, retreats, symposiums, conferences, regional burning man events, Burning Man, private parties, corporations, spiritual healing ceremonies, and more. She presents the journey as a cutting edge DJ set at festivals, or as an ecstatic dance journey, or in a dance party/club/lounge context.


Would you like to offer a next level experience for your community and the special people in your life?

As well as entertaining, these offerings will create a transformational shift in consciousness in a positive way that your friends will thank you for forever.

Book RahQuel Star  for your upcoming special event or gathering:

  • Birthday celebrations

  • Weddings

  • Graduations

  • Spiritual and religious rites of passage

  • Parties

  • Business events

  • Sports and other teams

  • Dinner parties

  • Schools and other educational settings

  • As part of trainings you offer

  • For your personal group of family and friends

  • For your students

  • As a gift

  • As part of a festival


This dance event has a duration of 3 hours and can be extended.

Pricing dependent on location, length, and type of event 

Whatsapp 506 8943 0182

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