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Dance & DJ

RahQuel Star began her passion for dance at age four, and embarked on professional ballet training throughout her childhood, leading to being accepted to train at The Royal Ballet School at age twelve. She then went on to dance with the Royal Ballet, Ballet Chicago, and then the Minnesota Ballet as a prima ballerina, performing in all the classical roles plus being chosen to star in original contemporary choreographies. Also a choreographer, she has won awards for her original pieces set on various dance companies.


RahQuel became a DJ in 2000 and soon after discovered the world of OSHO, Breathwork, Ecstatic Dance and Contact Improvisation, and this inspired her to create the Breathing Dance Troupe in NYC, in which the troupe performed conscious dance movement pieces combined with interactive meditations, OSHO discourses, and DJ sets. RahQuel frequently performs onstage to her favorite DJ/Producers at festivals such as Envision, plus at Burning Man. She creates her own festivals as well, incorporating dance ensemble performances. RahQuel is available to perform installation pieces plus choreograph for all types of events. She also specializes in her Gamma Ecstatic Dance TM  which activates body intelligence and conscious movement for all. 

Gamma Ecstatic Dance Journey ™ 


A unique technique for Heart Opening, LOVE, and Planetary Awakening is born!

RahQuel brings together Sacred Geometry, Pineal and DMT Activation, Gamma Breathing, the best in Dance and Shamanic Music, Shamanic Healing, and Gathering of Conscious Community 


RahQuel Star guides us as we amplify the fun and raise our collective vibe to enter the Gamma state. We activate celebration, feel-good body sensations, connection, heart activation, confidence, and laughter, divinely guided higher consciousness states, new collective vision, and most of all LOVE.

We dance and vibe together to our hearts’ content and into heightened bliss to epic music – electronic, tribal, burner, organic, shamanic. RahQuel Star provides the smooth sonic bliss mixes over state of the art sound systems while holding the context with Gamma DMT Pineal Activating Breaths and Gamma Energy techniques. Sacred Geometry and Visionary Art is projected.

This is transformational journeying for the New Age..


RahQuel Star guides her Gamma Ecstatic Dance Journeys ™ worldwide at transformational festivals, retreats, symposiums, conferences, regional burning man events, Burning Man, private parties, corporations, spiritual healing ceremonies, and more. She presents the journey as a cutting edge DJ set at festivals, or as an ecstatic dance journey, or in a dance party/club/lounge context.

Past Events

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