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About Energy of Breath School

The Energy Of Breath School, founded in New York City in 2006 by RahQuel Star Achiaviatta, has brought its signature work and trainings to the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, and to meditation centers in China, Cuba, Mexico, and many other locations worldwide as well as  to collaborate with the Secoya Elders Shamans in the OSA peninsula of Costa Rica, and guiding nature immersion at sacred sites. Energy Of Breath School also has a presence at global festivals such as Envision Festival, and at consciousness symposiums, retreats and corporations live and online, as well as at Burning Man. 
The Energy Of Breath School offers access to its students and participants worldwide in person and through the web. All programs are certified through The Energy Of Breath School and are accredited by the American Association For Drugless Practitioners, recognized worldwide.


About Gamma Breathwork

What is Gamma and Gamma Breathwork? 

Gamma is a high frequency brain state of 40Hz and higher that yields increasingly more processing power and higher functioning throughout our brain. Accessing the Gamma brain state contributes to higher clarity, organized thinking, healing, creativity, and opening to new perspectives. It is a state of thriving rather than surviving. Being in Gamma offers the ability to harmonize and upgrade all systems of the body, and supports the regulation of emotion and the nervous system. Being in Gamma feels like an alert and present, generous and clear state of meditation and creative flow. From this space solutions and new action steps in life are possible. The need to figure out, solve, strategize or fix are taken out of the equation.  Gamma yields life upgrades in any area one is focused during a Gamma Breath session.. Cory Herter created the Gamma Breath, and personally gave the blessing to RahQuel to create a process for personal healing, growth, and evolution now called the Gamma Breathwork Session ™ and Gamma Breathwork Practitioner Training ™ .

Gamma consciousness is our birthright and we are at a time of planetary awakening in which we can now globally all access the Gamma state rapidly and exponentially. Gamma breath sequences and Gamma energy are the fastest, most effective and advanced access to Gamma to date, a futuristic and next-level way of training our brains, bodies, and consciousness to heal, evolve, and upgrade. In a matter of just one minute, with a Basic Gamma Breath, we are in Gamma and at command of intentional transformation, all with our own breath! 

At The Energy Of Breath School our mission is to facilitate Global Gamma Activation. With the Gamma state our higher sensory abilities activate and become upgraded, we heal from patterns and we transform into high energy beings on our way to Light Body activation. In this way we can transform into a conscious and intentional community and family around the entire world. Currently RahQuel has trained Gamma Breathwork Practitioners in every continent, and founded the Global Gamma Council. 

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